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Enshinkai's Local Fitness Contest Winner:
Ben Forsythe

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Fitness Winner Before Photo Fitness Winner After Photo

For the past two years I had realized I was putting on weight. Everyday activities began to require too much effort (including putting my socks on). As a food and beverage manager I was still on my feet most of the time, but that just wasnít enough. The increased desk-work load and my own lack of discipline as far as my diet had really started to take its toll. I tried many different "quick fixes" including diet pills, fat-burners, and gimmicky "5 minute a day" workouts; none of which came close to providing the promised results. After many half-hearted, failed attempts I realized what I needed more than anything was structure and guidance. Thatís when I found out about the UBC at Enshinkai.

There were many challenges I faced when I decided to sign up for the program which included a brutal work schedule, the commute, and the complete and absolute changes required of my eating habits. I decided that despite these obstacles I needed to give it a try. It was the best decision I have ever made.

I was surprised at the ease of adhering to the nutritional plan. All it took was one half hour of planning a week. As class progressed, my work schedule actually became dramatically less "brutal" as my energy level increased by leaps and bounds very quickly. After the first week I literally felt like a new man. Everyone at work noticed a difference in my energy level and attitude. After two weeks I lost two belt sizes and started receiving even more compliments while people began to regularly ask me if I had been working out. Even the commute became an enjoyable experience where I was able to get pumped up listening to music and felt a sense of accomplishment for literally "heading in the right direction". After the first five weeks I had lost much more weight than I had thought, all while increasing muscle mass and becoming noticeably more toned. I was able to fit into old clothes I hadnít worn in almost five years.

Throughout my life I would have to admit I have started many more projects with my free time than I have finished. It is ironic that the most challenging task I have ever decided to take on was also the most successful. This, I believe has as much to do with my new-found family at Enshinkai than anything else. Lance and Heather Forsberg are the best coaches I have ever had. They have a way of challenging you and making you feel good about yourself at the same time. In a world full of health and fitness claims and promises I take their word over anyoneís. It is a trust that was quickly earned through results. The volunteer coaches were also extremely helpful. Christy, Rob, Ping, and DJ knew exactly what I was going through because they had gone through the exact same process themselves.

If you have attempted to get into shape in the past but have not been able to achieve the results you desired you have to sign up for this class. Even when I initially signed up I did not think I would be able to stick with it and follow through. I had an imaginary brick wall built around being able to become physically fit. Iím telling you first hand itís possible. This class works. Sign up for UBC and begin tearing down your own walls.

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