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Enshinkai's Local Fitness Contest Winner:
Ilana Davis

Fitness Winner Before Photo Fitness Winner After Photo
Fitness Winner Before Photo Fitness Winner After Photo

What UBC has meant to me?

I dont think I was ever as fit as I am today. All through middle school and high school, I played soccer and other sports. I was never worried per say about my body because I was above that. I was determined to eat and do what I want because I can. Boy did that catch up to me. I kept eating whatever I wanted and drank between 5-8 cups of coffee or soda a day. About 2 years ago, I had a miscarriage and fell into a depression that I have never known before. I coped by eating out and always having a desert with each meal Eating out was my version of fun. Although the doctors said it was nothing I did, I felt deep down, it was my fault because of my eatings habits. I continued to be in denial of my body and kept eating whatever was in front of me. Here I was 8 years after high school and 50 lbs heavier. At 170 pounds, I was at my heaviest I have ever been. My boss told me about UBC and the results she was getting. I thought to myself, if I ever want to feel comfortable about trying for kids again and feeling good about who I was, I need to make a change. I convinced two of my co-workers to start UBC with me. Unfortunately, life got in the way for them and my partners in crime, left me to push myself. It was much harder to do it alone, but I refused to give up. I followed the dietary recommendations the best I could. I cut out caffeine to less than a cup a week and stopped eating red meats all together. I made sure I had 1 protein and 1 carb with each meal and had as many veggies as I could. If I was thirsty, my options were water, water or more water. At the mid evaluation, I lost 9.75 inches. I had no idea I was doing so well. This pushed me even more. By the end of it all, I lost 17.75 inches and I feel great. UBC has been a life changing experience and I refuse to allow myself to be that other person. I want to be healthy and active. I want to have kids one day and be able to run around with them and not loose my breath. I owe a big thank you to Heather and Lance as well as my classmates. My husband has been my number 1 cheerleader from day one and will continue to encourage me in this journey. This lifestyle change is just he beginning for me and I look forward to the 10+ years I just added to my life.

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by Heather Forsberg