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Over the Hill and Back Again...

After spending my 20's and 30's steadily gaining weight I found myself on my 40th birthday in the worst shape of my life. Along the way I had tried to get in shape joining fitness clubs, trying restrictive protein diets, attempting yoga, and even running. Each attempt ended with a small weight loss followed by a huge weight gain after giving up on motivating myself to the treadmill, another day of an unbearable diet, or fighting the crowds at the fitness club.

I had really let myself go and was definitely feeling the consequences. I was so out of shape that every part of my body seemed to have some ache or pain from carrying around excess fat and digesting large amounts of unhealthy food. I was content to chalk up these aches and pains to getting old and being "over the hill". My lack of fitness was also affecting my job performance. Being a middle school teacher takes a lot of energy. You are constantly "on" in the classroom and I was finding it harder and harder to bring energy to my lessons when I was constantly tired and unmotivated. I knew I needed to get in shape, but I failed so many times that I was afraid to try anymore. I feared I would gain more weight after giving up on whatever weight loss program I tried.

This all changed when my wife of 21 years was diagnosed with colon cancer. What a shock. I still remember being speechless as the doctor told us there was a tumor the size of a fist growing in her colon. Filled with the dread of what would become of our family we went home to tell our three kids what the doctors found. Over a month later, after enduring test after test and a major surgery, we were overjoyed to find out the cancer had not spread and the tumor was taken out of her completely. What a relief, my wife was cancer free.

After seeing what an illness like this could do to our family I became more determined than ever to get myself into shape. I didn't ever want to tell my kids that kind of news again. With renewed enthusiasm I began counting calories, started a run walk program, and worked in some basic strength training. It wasn't very long, however before I had once again completely given up again after failing to lose weight and get healthy. This failure left me questioning if it was even possible for me to get into shape. Maybe I was "over the hill" and there was nothing I could do about it except come to grips with my aging, aching body. I knew at this point I had to try something different.

I decided to go online to find a workout that I would be motivated to do. On a whim I decided to do a search for boxing. That is when I found UBC and Enshinkai Martial Arts and Fitness. I read about the program and how it worked and saw the amazing results people had attained from participating in the program. The two things that really caught my attention were the accountability of belonging to a group on the same journey and the fun of learning how to kick box. These were two things I had never tried with any of my previous weight loss attempts. It wasn't long after starting the program that it became obvious that these were going to be the key ingredients to getting me in the best shape of my life.

The diet plan was easy to follow as I could eat often and didn't need to count any calories. With the amazingly patient and positive encouragement of Heather, Lance, Michelle and Colleen at Enshinkai pushing me I became stronger and stronger. My fears of not being able to get in shape quickly faded as I found myself doing things I hadn't been able to do in years. Instead of dreading the trip to the gym I was excited to discover something new and to see what new heights my fitness level could reach. My energy was also returning to the classroom and my students loved it. By the end of the program I had lost 20 pounds and was truly in the best shape of my life. Huge thanks to the coaches at Enshinkai and the UBC program for helping me find my way back from the other side of the hill.

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