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Enshinkai's Local Fitness Contest Winner:
Paul Kaushal

Fitness Winner Pants Photo

My journey into UBC was motivated by my wife becoming pregnant with our 3rd child. She had sent me info on UBC a few months prior. She had even contacted them to get more information, but I made excuses and didn't sign up. When we found out she was pregnant, she also told me that a new UBC session was starting in just a few weeks. I knew that it was time to take control and change my life. I had a 7 year old son who was disappointed every time I'd run around with him for just five minutes and then need a break to catch my breath. I also had a 14 month old daughter and was going to be a big sister before she was 2. It was a wake up call that I needed to get healthy so I could have the energy to keep up with my growing family.

Joining UBC placed me extremely far out of my comfort zone. I was nervous. I couldn't complete running the 1.5 miles for the initial evaluation. I was weak in every aspect - push ups, sit ups, stretching and I weighed in at 274 lbs. The first week was so brutal. I felt completely defeated. I would never be able to keep up, I thought; but I kept at it. I also followed the nutrition suggestions in the UBC handbook. I ate six small meals a day. The trainers at Enshinkai Martial Arts & Fitness supported me and gave me awesome feedback. Slowly, I began to improve. I was feeling better. I was more energetic, I still didn't feel that my body had changed.

I was anxious for the 5 week evaluation. I wanted to do better than I had at the initial eval. I made improvements in almost every area, that wasn't hard considering how awful I had performed initially. I called my wife in utter shock to tell her that I had lost 23 lbs & 16 overall inches, in five weeks. It was the greatest motivation ever. In the years that I had become overweight, I had so many intentions to make a difference but I never followed thru. I was finally making a change and it felt good.

I was certain that the last 5 weeks wouldn't be as successful as the first 5. It had to be that my body had a rapid reaction to the jump start of exercise after years of being sedentary. I continued to stick with my eating plan and attending UBC every morning. I found that on my 'cheat day' I wasn't pigging out the way I imagined I would be. I did enjoy foods that I didn't allow myself during the week, but I wasn't going overboard. I didn't need nearly a whole pizza to myself or two cheeseburgers. My clothes were loose and I felt better than I had in years but the ultimate shock came on the last day of UBC class.

I had lost a total of 43 pounds and 33.5 inches. It was the most amazing feeling. It's the only thing I've ever committed to and stuck with. It has changed my life. I will never go back to my old unhealthy eating habits and I continue to incorporate exercise and physical activity into my daily life. I plan to re-enroll in the UBC program again as well. The consistency and support is what made it such a successful journey for me. When I see the before and after pictures I can hardly believe who I was 10 weeks ago!

Before and After Photos

Fitness Winner Before Photo Fitness Winner After Photo
Fitness Winner Before Photo Fitness Winner After Photo

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