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Enshinkai's UBC National Fitness Contest Winner: Michael Mitchell

Fitness Winner After Photo
"Boomers Take Heart! A fresh start! What UBC means to me:
When I accepted the challenge I was at a lifetime high of 230 lbs. I'd just recovered from a blown Achilles tendon and my goal was simply to get through the course unhurt and healthy. But by course's end, I can hardly believe it myself, I'd shrank to 178.8 lbs., a weight I haven't seen for over two decades. Giving credit where its due, the local course is wonderfully ran and I joined a flight of supportive and motivated people. Also, Pat, my wife, is a great cook. She supported me with healthy, portion-sized meals. Other than a long weekend trip out of town (I still worked out and ran), I didn't miss a day. I think that's the key: show up every day and work hard. When I dropped almost ten pounds the first week, I attributed it to water weight; but I kept coming, kept eating five small, fist-sized, healthy meals each day and the weight kept falling off. Though I'd run marathons well into my thirties, at the first fitness evaluation I couldn't go a lap without stopping to walk. As my weight dropped, I added longer runs and yoga to my routine. The stronger I got, the harder I could work. By course's end I was up to 40 miles a week and at my final fitness evaluation my 1.5 mile time dropped from over 16 minutes to 11 minutes, 11 seconds. My secret motivation and the individual in whose memory I dedicate this undertaking is my father. Over the last few years I watched him put himself through a self-designed workout program up and down the aisles of Walmart dragging his portable oxygen tank. At home he used a treadmill and 5 lb. weights to get his strength back. His goal was to get strong enough to drive himself from Sand Springs, OK to Portland, OR (over 2,000 miles) one last time. At 80 years of age and weighing a little more than 120 lbs. on his 6' 1" frame, and having outlived his medical prognosis by a decade, my father did just that. He drove for three days, spent a week with me, visited with children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and his first great, great grandchild, over 80 progeny in all. He was the man of honor at my wedding after which he insisted on driving himself home, fell ill in Gallup, New Mexico and died in my arms on his 81st birthday. George Earnest Mitchell lived and died on his own terms. Could I do any less and honor his example? I resolved to finally and once and for all defeat a life long weight problem; insignificant compared to his challenges, but somehow the most fitting tribute to the man's incredible endurance and determination. I draw my strength from the memory of his strength and thank him and UBC for this fresh start.

My stats: began with 19 push ups, 22 sit ups and a 16:05 run; ended at 50 push ups, 45 sit ups and 11:11 while my body fat dropped from 33.5 to 19.3. Altogether I lost over 36 inches and 51 pounds while gaining in strength, endurance and well being. Once again, thank you Heather and UBC and thank you, George, my father. "

Before and After Photos

Fitness Winner Before Photo Fitness Winner After Photo
Fitness Winner Before Photo Fitness Winner After Photo

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